Pro Ferrum

Pro-Ferrum is not a classical oil, but a so called complex fluid. Complex fluids are based on a variety of active ingredients which form a molecular team work. This team is outstandingly strong in cleaning, encapsulation of water, metal protection and lubrication.

Due to the high spreading properties Pro-Ferrum undergoes and cracks baked or burned-in residues. The protection team neutralises acids from fingerprints, dissolves the very first beginning of rust and replaces it by anti-corrosion layers.

Tim Warner, owner, Game & Gun:
“Pro Ferrum is superior to all other quality gun oils we have used in our workshop.
Both its lubricating and coating abilities are persistent at high temperatures, but Pro Ferrum is also the only gun care able to emulsify and absorb water completely, leaving a thin protective coating.

Pro Ferrum are dermatologically tested and biodegradable, which is important both for the environment and for our work environment. Both are equally important for us.”

Per Langvad, Gunsmith, PL Guns:
”Pro Ferrum is exceptional for cleaning and lubricating. It is simple to dose, emulsifies and absorbs water, and inhibits corrosive attacks. The fact that it is dermatologically tested and biodegradable just makes it even more recommendable.”

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