Our products are first and foremost made sustainable which is important to us. Our designs are inspired by the nature. We love the nature - it is the best and most casual resort in the world for us to relax and calm down. Our designs have characteristic references to nature, dogs, sustainability, and the people who find pure joy spending time in the nature. Tweedlove is sustainable, casual, happy, timeless clothing – made for everyone.

We are a danish textile company with 45 years of experience. Our newest family member, Tweedlove, is in many ways the bold and perky little brother, or little sister, to our brand Laksen Sporting. The name Tweedlove arises from our love and passion for good, traditional Scottish tweed, the textile Laksen Sporting is recognized and known for all over the world.
Tweedlove resembles our love for the nature, our dogs, the environment – and our devotion towards creating premium quality products without compromises. All those elements are unified in the design of our Tweedlove products.

Our products are made of sustainable materials with care for nature, humans and in conjunction with our passion for uncompromising quality. We do not consider our clothing as a fashion brand. We are sustainable everyday wear – our casual clothing is designed for everybody that cares about nature who wants to wear premium quality clothing with a casual and humoristic twist.

Our vision is to offer you sustainably manufactured clothing with great longevity, expressing a casual and timeless look. We are against the conventional fashion industry, where it all comes down to big quantities and lowering prices wherever possible. We believe this abuse of the whole value chain behind the production of clothing is irresponsible for many reasons, especially considering the impact it has on the nature and environment. Our passion for unspoiled nature, dogs, humans and sustainable responsibility is the force that drives Tweedlove every day.

Our love and passion for nature, dogs humans and outdoor lifestyle activities is a result of our prehistory, with many years of experience in the hunting industry. The nature is vital for us, and we think it’s about time to break with the current norms and standards for how clothing is manufactured without care and responsibility towards nature. Therefore, we wish to contribute to change this pattern and give you, as a caring and responsible consumer, a better chance to act consciously and responsible, offering you the best quality of clothing. Our clothing is uncomplicated, without any compromises.

We are dedicated to think greener, while always searching to implement innovative solutions that promote sustainability in our products. We would like to refer you to our blog about sustainability here.

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